dad loves pie

My Dad is cute, and he loves pie. So glad he got to come out!!

(Please excuse that this post is super late!  It’s been a lot insane around here…)

Two weekends ago, Dad flew up from Atlanta to spend some time out here in Idaho.  YAY!  It was ever so nice to see him and get to just spend time.  Of course, we scheduled a little mayhem in as well – that’s almost a requirement!  😉

He flew in on Friday afternoon, and we had a nice afternoon going through my school and classroom before dinner.


The boxes spell out “We ❤ Football”…

Afterwards, we went to the Hillcrest football game.  It was the annual “Civil War” game between the two high schools in our district and quite the insane experience.  First of all, apparently the “spirit tutu” is a thing – girls of all ages – six to high school – were wearing tutus in school colors.  Some were homemade, some were store bought, but all of them were unique, crazy, and over the top!  What is this madness??  Who knows.
However, the coolest thing about the game had to be the dog.  What dog?  It seems that someone trained a collie to run onto the field and fetch the kicking tee after every kickoff.  He brings it back to the sideline and hangs out until the next time.


Puppy with special skills…

So awesome!

On Saturday, we went off and had a variety of adventures…  We went through the Idaho Falls Farmer’s Market, did some errands, and visited the Verizon store to get me transferred over to their service.  Finally!  AT&T has such awful reception at the house, it’s been a struggle…  And yes, I did join the 21st century and get an iPhone 5 when the transfer happened.

From there, we stopped by the 85th Annual Shelley Spud Day celebrations…  This is an annual festival of the potato complete with a beauty pageant, parade, booths of things, and more!  We took in the sights, watched the noon “Spud Picking” contest (where they see who can pack potatoes into burlap sacks the fastest), and then got a snack.  Of course, what Spud Day would be complete without free loaded baked potatoes for everyone who came?  Apparently, they make them in giant batches in the school ovens and serve them all-you-can-eat style.


The 85th Annual, to be exact.


Free ‘taters, fresh out of the ground and loaded!


This guy’s shirt was TOO AWESOME. Plus, he was totally excited to model for me. That outfit’s “vintage” by now, right?


Game ON!


I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let me bring this one home… So Mean.

After we got potato-ed out (and brought some home to the grandparents), it was off to the Army Surplus Warehouse in Idaho Falls to wander around and explore.  The place is ginormous and has one of pretty much anything you can imagine!  It was quite the experience to walk through and see what all was there.   I found a little something I wanted to take home, but Cindy and Dad were fairly insistent that it wouldn’t make a good doorstop and would likely not be the best thing to bring to school…

Sunday was church and trying to relax before I went to school Monday, and Cindy put Dad to work doing projects around the house..  Needless to say, by the time Dad flew out on Tuesday, I think he as ready to go home (even if we tried very hard to get him to buy the house next door that’s for sale!)…


2 thoughts on “DAD VISITS! Football, Spud Day, and more!

  1. WHY are there no TUTU PICS?!?!?!?!?!
    (Also, I LOVE those boxes. I would want them, b/c I have girls from 4yrs old to 4th grade on my squad; the littles would get some height! But why does the high school have them, other than they say stuff like a sign?)

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