IMG_0188In our endless quest to do all the random things we hear about, once, this past weekend brought us to the Idaho Falls Gem and Mineral Society Rockhounds’ Rock, Gem, and Jewelry Sale.

We weren’t too sure what to expect, but after finishing a 4-ish hour stint working on getting my classroom set up, we were ready for something different to do before getting to the long list of errands…  It was held at the 4-H Fairgrounds in an interesting sort of open barnish/auxiliary gymish building.IMG_0187

There were a ton of vendors and a few visitors, and all sorts of curiosities…  Rocks, gems, geodes, arrowheads made out of the previous, jewelry, belt buckles, you name it!  There were locals, kids, adults, randoms, and folks who were clearly part of the society in their official green vests – complete with patches and swag!  Literally a little bit of everything.

We walked around for about 30 minutes and had a fairly good time examining all the different things and generally wishing we had the cash to pay for things we can’t afford.  😉  On the way out, we entered into the drawing for door prizes and then headed off for about 1 million more errands.  By the time we returned home, we were hot and tired and exhausted, but it was a pretty good day, and felt great to get settled into my classroom almost all the way!

IMG_0203This morning, while I was on the phone, Cindy asked me if I’d return a call to a guy from the show – we’d won!  I went over to the guy’s house, and his wife gave me the prize Cindy had won – a pair of earrings!  They’re simple and nice and not fussy – totally great!!

So, another fun (mini) adventure, this time with a fun ending…  With school starting, I figure we’ll have to look a little harder to find random fun, and work to make time for it, but hopefully I’ll be able to find us more things to go to!


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