I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s because I’ve been working on setting up my new classroom and getting my stuff in order for the coming school year…  However, a certain turn of events deems a mid-week post necessary.

Last weekend, Cindy and I took a trip down to Pocatello.  Why?  Well, she was on the hunt for a Vitamix at Costco. The Vitamix was a failure – they only had one model on the shelves (but the samples of tereyaki meatballs have inspired a future kitchen creation).  Afterwards, well…  In my mailbox last week, I got a promo ad from a Pocatello car dealer saying that if I bring in the ad, and my numbers match, I might win $50,000.  And we were already in Pokey!  And free cash sounds good!

We then proceeded to the car dealer to determine our fate.  We drove up and were directed to park in front of the front door…  Suspicious.  Immediately, they double checked that we weren’t trading in my Rav4, “because that’s a really nice car!”.  I know, salesguy.  Hands off my ride!  We walked into a basically empty sales space, and you could almost feel the salesvultures looming…  We were sat at a table with two guys who proceeded to try and work us over for a sale.  I never know how to be rude in these situations, but did at one point fend off my sales weasel by telling him I’m a teacher and can’t afford a new car.  That shut him up REAL quick!  Then, all eyes were on Cindy.  She finally fessed up that we really just wanted to spin the wheel for our prize, but thanks for the effort……..IMG_0186

Our prize code meant we didn’t get a chance at the big bucks, so we were taken to the little wheel in the corner.  Cindy spun….  and……  we won!!!!  TWO DOLLARS.  *sigh*  I would like to point out that the wheel showed a $2 bill and they gave us two $1’s.  Double Boo.

On the way home, Cindy decided we ought to invest our winnings in a lottery ticket.  We stopped off at a local Maverick gas station and she ran in to buy a PowerBall ticket.  In her logic, maybe we turn $2 into $1,000,000.  Right?  It could happen……  After the horse racing betting debacle, I was put in charge of the ticket.  You’ll note I kept it many days without losing the slip of paper…

The drawing was last night.  We won….  NOTHING.

Next time, I think I’ll buy a pack of gum.  Likely it’s a better investment.


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