IMG_0165I had a bunch of errands to do today, and also some reading.  (See how I’m not ranting about the book I had to go get from the District for a required training next week that’s totally awful and pointless?  Who’s proud?)  I got super sick of doing said reading in the basement, so I decided to go mobile today.  The town just south of us has a really pretty park called Jensen’s Grove, and a fairly awesome picnic shelter overlooking the lake, so I set up shop there.

Best.  Decision.  Ever.

I spread out at the picnic table right by the water and spent 2.5 hours of bliss reading and overlooking the water.  Next door to the park is the town airport (stop judging, ATL folks, it’s got one runway and only does tiny private planes and crop dusters), so I got to see the crop dusters taking off and landing every 30 min or so as they made their rounds in for more ammo.  IMG_0162

It was SO peaceful and something I never, ever would have done in Atlanta because:

  1. the humidity is so awful, I would have been sweaty within 5 minutes of being out of my car, and
  2. there’s no happy lakey picnicy quiet areas anywhere near where I was living where you can just go hang out for free. But, mostly, it’s…
  3. I really really stink at taking quiet time for myself and going on excursions like this.

It’s HARD to do as a single person who is usually overwhelmed with grading and prep for teaching.  I know that’ll come in a few weeks when I start back at school, but forcing myself to enjoy the insanely nice weather was a good lesson in the awesomeness of living here and why the slower pace of life is going to be good for me.  Yes, I left when I did because the guilt of undone errands was creeping in on me, but still.  This is a new record for me!  I promise I’ll work up to allowing myself to actually relax more some time soon.  Maybe.IMG_0164

A few side notes…  The pillars at my picnic shelter (yes, I’m claiming it as my own, because then maybe I’ll go more often) are made of lava rock.  That’s just awesomeness.  I had to do a double-take when I saw it first, but then it occurred to me that it’s local out here.  Weird!  But cool!  Because Idaho has lava.  LAVA.  Just saying, there’s so much randomly fantastic stuff out here that is so different from Georgia….  The two sites below are on the radar for field trips sometime soon:

IMG_0159Also, The lake level was low and not a lot of people out in it.  Why?  Well, it was like 9-11am when I was out there, and still fairly cold with the wind (Bliss!), but also, there’s that whole thing with the icky bacteria that’s in the water the last few weeks…  More importantly, there’s a drought!  So, they’ve shut off the water supply to the lake.  Sad.  Apparently, if you’d like to go fishing, now’s the time.  They’ve issued a salvage order on the fishies at the lake so….  if you like eating such things, or want a totally odd pet – head on down and have at it!  Just be sure to note the regulations on no fishing with explosives…..


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