IMG_0132Sometimes in life, schedules must be changed.  Today was one of those days….  I woke up with every intention of going up to the sidewalk art festival in Idaho Falls.  But, then, I read the newspaper’s online list of things to do and discovered….  Today is the National Day of the Cowboy and Idaho’s version was happening was just up the road.

You know I totally had to go, right?!?

I had to wait until after I’d made breakfast (on weekends Grampy gets pancakes, and looks forward to it all week!).  It was in a little town about an hour north, and I ended up driving through a light rainstorm that cleared up by the time I got there.  I meandered through town until I figured out where everything was – not that it took very long…  IMG_0129I would rate this excursion as totally worth the trip, even if it was random and a little far.  Definitely not something that happens in metro Atlanta, to be sure!


Mostly it involved finding the tiny posterboard signs pointing me toward the town park and rodeo ring.

So, by the time I got up there I had missed the parade and outhouse races, but a I did get a snapshot of the winning raceouthouse in this guy’s truck. (note the license plate!)

There was QuickDraw shooting in the 4H barn...

There was QuickDraw shooting in the 4H barn…


A presentation of the cowboy of the year, as he rode into the rodeo ring in this guy’s mule cart.


All of a sudden, they started blowing up balloons… Why?


So you can put them in traffic cones and shoot them!!!


There were beginner, novice, semi-pro, and pro divisions… the littlest kids didn’t get ammo, but were required to pull the trigger and yell bang to get “credit” for hitting each balloon.


This guy did a set with a long rifle. It was fairly awesome.


Between each “go”, a whole host of volunteers replaced the dead balloons with new ones in a sort of synchronized anarchy of crazy.

I left early…  Sadly, I sat there and watched the rain coming over the mountains and stayed until it was VERY close, but fled to my car and on home.  This means i missed the competitions for “best moustache”, “best cowboy boot” and “best cowboy picture”.  I’m glad I got out of there before I got soaked, but a little sad not to have gotten to see the facial hair lineup.  I have a feeling it would have been epic.


On the way home, i drove past this gas station, where they’ve painted three water silos to look like soda cans. The guys gassing up their truck and farm equipment were confused as to why I was taking their picture. Clearly, they didn’t realize the awesomeness behind them.


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