One of the things that I have been increasingly aware of is….. “Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas any more!”

For example, the first day we were driving toward town, I used my turn signal.  Like any normal driver.  This is apparently hilarious to my aunt, who snickers every time I do it and tells me “not to wear it out”….  Why?  Because I keep using it from the gravel road  our “neighborhood” uses onto the side road that gets you to the main road.  In Georgia, this is an essential element of driving – alert the people where you live to the fact that you are turning.  Here, it seems, alerting the horses to the fact I’m about to execute a left-hand turn is funny.  Granted, there’s only 4 other houses who use the gravel road, and one family is always in Arizona, and I’d see the dust kicked up from their car…..  but still.  Safety First!  Right?

Another great example is when I asked my aunt what the best route to school would be if I ran into traffic.  Again with the snickers.  Apparently, there isn’t traffic.  Ever.  I REALLY want to prove her wrong on this one……..  Some day.  (Does having to wait at two stoplights count as traffic?)

Today, I have decided to bring you one of my favorite things that is different in the land of Idaho….  If you need copies, you really don’t have to go very far.  The closest place to go make them is right up the road in the bustling town of Firth, on the main street.  It is a 24-hour copy center, complete with copiers, color copiers, laminator, fax machine, etc….  A seriously awesome bookshelf full of paper is on the back wall, and 5 copiers, so that you never have to wait!!  I sort of love it there.  It’s all organized and full of office supplies and colors and…… awesomeness.  Except no one works there.IMG_0114

No, I’m not kidding.

The way it works is, you make your copies/faxes/whatevers and then just fill out an invoice and leave the cash in the slot on the wall….  In a Ziploc bag.  There is a security camera, but I’m fairly sure that it’s not even recording all that’s happening in the store space.  (If there is, Hi Guys!  I’m the one who awkwardly took pictures this afternoon!)  The door is wide open, the lights are always on, and everything’s ready for your anytime copying and collating needs.

IMG_0112But, you see, this is the difference is where I’ve been and where I’ve moved to.  If this store was elsewhere, I’d give it less than a day before someone “liberated” the copiers and supplies and drove off to sell them on the black market/ebay/craig’s list…  It would become an example of “A Sucker Is Born Every Minute” and a local joke.  Those of us in public schools would be using our various tactics to “stop by and borrow a ream of paper” each time we passed, and all would be lost.  Here, it seems to be a local institution and doing quite well – the store space it’s in is pretty nice and we know they’re making enough money to pay the rent, since it’s been there so long.IMG_0113

I LIKE this.  I like that the owners trust people enough to just leave the store open.  I like that the town is awesome enough to use the resources, pay for it, and not steal stuff.  I like that this seems to be the general mindset here – take care of things, treat people nicely, and be a good person.  It’s such a big change from Georgia, and such a welcome one.  It’s nice to be surrounded by this sort of vibe everywhere you go.  It reminds me a lot of the Davidson Honor Code, and attending college in a place where honesty ruled – even to the point that if the Coke machine gave you two by mistake, you leave the extra one up top.

Daily, there seem to be more reasons that this is my kind of place.  Also, it’s SO PRETTY outside, and there’s basically no humidity…

If the copy store isn’t different enough, I’ll close with the following picture…  On my first day in Idaho, I saw this section at the Wal Mart, between the customer service desk and the beauty salon.  (For the record, I went to a different Wal Mart in Idaho Falls that has a similar section too…)

You know, just in case.

You know, just in case.

5 thoughts on “The Trust Factor

  1. That is pretty cool Ems! 24 hours in Georgia? Nope. More like when the sun goes down, it’d be gone. Not even 24 hours, more like 12 hours, assuming the doors open for first time at 9 am! I bet it’ll be gone before midnight in GA. LoL

    P.S. you’ll run into traffic when there’s a fence malfunction. I can see it coming…. Cows chilling in the middle of the road! Maybe even a blizzard…. You’ll run into traffic caused by the white stuff.

    Keep up the new adventures in ID!

    Your online stalker, Eric S.

  2. I like that they trust people enough not to steal copies but not so much that they aren’t stockpiling supplies for the day when the government comes for them (or their guns.)

  3. This is so awesome for organizational freaks like you and I! Love that the honor system still works like it should somewhere in the world – even if it is in the far off land called Idaho!

  4. How much do you really want to go and make them a nicer, prettier “How It Works” sign for their table? I know that gave you a twitch…

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