I’ve been in Idaho long enough to get a little settled and brave enough to venture out for some picture-taking on my own…  You know, after the obligatory “tour” of the general area, and valiant attempts by my aunt to get my brain recognizing the various turns and roads I’ll be using. I’ve gotten to see the “winter route” and “summer route” to work, the various back roads, which gas stations have the cheapest product, and all sorts of things!  She’s been incredibly patient with my questions about which crops are which in the fields (those are not flower farms, potatoes have white flowers on top this time of year!), and whatever all else I’ve thought up in the past few days…

First of all, let’s get this cleared up right now: where I’m living is a very small town, nestled between some larger towns.   For the record, here’s your sign.  Yes, it’s small, but all that means is that for work, I will drive geographically further in the same amount of time a lot of people sit in traffic.  Except that I get scenery and wide open space instead of concrete and clutter and claustrophobia.


I’ll be getting my mail at the post office in town on my way home from work, which is a nice size.  And by that I mean that it’s the size of a small house.  But then again, I doubt I’ll have to wait in line to mail a package.  🙂  Bonus!  It’s small, efficient, and no traffic…..  What’s not to love?

I will say that so far, every local person I’ve met has been nice and friendly!  (Obviously, I can’t count my family, as they HAVE to be nice to me…)  My aunt’s neighbors and friends who came over to help me move my stuff downstairs were awesome, and I haven’t once been inundated by gangsta rap thumping out of some idiot’s car.  This is a marked improvement from my previous locale – here’s hoping it lasts!

And the weather?  Are you kidding me?  While my friends in GA are suffering from the dismal humidity and weeks of rainstorms, it’s been sunny with a little wind and basically no humidity.  Yes, please!  Yeah, I’m well aware that The Winter Cometh.  We’ll see how I end up liking all the snow, but for now I’m in heaven!

Enough introductions!  On to the Good Stuff.

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